Olga Guttentag

Poland, Schlesien, Tarnowitz, Wieschowa
FatherJosef Guttentag (1864-65 – ) 
MotherSofie Totzek (18/11/1865 – ) 
Partner Heinrich Adler (15/11/1881 – 29/11/1941)

Married 11/05/1911 Poland, Schlesien, Zabrze, Mikultschuetz


Divorced 1919.


Herbert Adler (06/03/1914 – )

Partner Fritz Zweig (04/09/1894 – )

Married 28/04/1924 Poland, Schlesien, Zabrze, Mikultschuetz



Kurt Sigfried Zweig (07/03/1925 – ca 1942)


Living with her parents in Breslau at Augustastrasse 25 in ca 1930.

Her Gleiwitz residence card indicates that she came there from Breslau, and returned to Breslau in 1938. The Gleiwitz residence card for her mother and for Kurt Zweig born 07/03/1925 shows the same sequence of moves; I assume Kurt is her son.

The same address in Gleiwitz was also shared by Herbert Adler, who I assume is a son by her first marriage.

These assumptions are supported by a family tree on geni.com.

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