Elfriede (Friederike) Gassmann

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherHeimann (Chaim) Gassmann (20/06/1830 – 24/04/1906) 
MotherJohanna (Schorel) Olschowski (ca 1831 – 13/12/1907) 
Partner Moritz Roth (ca 1866 – )



Gertrude Roth (28/01/1888 – )

Hertha Margot Roth (08/05/1894 – .../04/1976)


UN say that Elfriede Gassmann married Moritz Roth and provides details of their children. Kaethe Danziger (geb. Halberstaedter) does not give her forename, but lists a wife of Justizrat Roth in Breslau among 12 siblings whose father is clearly Heimann.

Named as Friederike in her birth announcement, but as Elfriede in the Breslau synagogue community address list (ca 1930), which gives the same date of birth and an address of Steinstrasse 4/6, Breslau. Although Moritz is not listed at this address, she is described as a wife, rather than a widow.

In the 1939 census of Breslau she is listed at the same address as her widowed sister Else.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

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