Lina Freund

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
Lithuania, Kowno
FatherSiegfried Freund (18/08/1848 – 20/10/1929) 
MotherAnna Gassmann (24/10/1849 – .../09/1914) 
Partner Moritz Alexander (1882 – ca 1942)


MT gives her birth as 26/08/1889 in Gosslershausen, UN gives 1889, Lotte Proskauer's notes (courtesy of PF) gives 1889 in Myslowitz. Yad Vashem, citing a record in the Memorial book "Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the National Socialist Tyranny in Germany 1933 - 1945", confirms her place of birth as Myslowitz.

She was deported From Breslau on 25/11/1941 and murdered on arrival at Kaunas.

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Lotte Proskauer's notes (courtesy of PF);

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