Siegfried Freund

Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
FatherSimon (Shaye, Jesaias) Freund (1801 – 1880) 
MotherSelma Staub (04/04/1817 – ) 
Partner Anna Gassmann (24/10/1849 – .../09/1914)



Marie Freund (25/04/1878 – 1923)

Selma Freund (22/08/1879 – )

Rosa Freund (22/01/1881 – 08/06/1919)

Simon Freund (06/08/1882 – 27/08/1939)

Samuel Freund (05/01/1886 – 22/06/1915)

Lina Freund (26/08/1889 – 29/11/1941)


Lotte Proskauer's notes (courtesy of PF) give his date of death as 21/09/1829 (the century is clearly a typo!), however his death certificate gives 20/10/1929; both sources place his death in Breslau and name Anna Gassmann as his wife; furthermore his death was reported by a Simon Freund of Bunzlau which agrees with information given in Lotte Proskauer's notes (courtesy of PF) regarding Simon, son of Siegfried and father of children born in Bunzlau.

Siegfried, born 18/08/1848 according to Lotte Proskauer's notes (courtesy of PF) appears to equate to the "Simon" born 21/08/1848 according to Delowicz.

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