Hanne Juliusburger

Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Himmelwitz
FatherMarkus Juliusburger (18/05/1818 – ) 
MotherCharlotte Treumann (18/07/1822 – 13/01/1892) 
Partner Moritz Adolf Halle (15/07/1869 – )

Married 16/05/1894 Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Cosel



Jhna (Johanna?) Halle (08/12/1897 – )


Hanne's 1894 marriage was witnessed by 41-year-old Jacob Apt. Jacob would have been born in 1852-53, which makes it likely that he was this one. Jacob's father was born in Himmelwitz, as was Hanne.

Hanne lived in Breslau at Glogauerstrasse 3 in ca 1930.

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