Emil Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Diedca 1944
Czech Republic, Theresienstadt concentration camp
FatherHeimann (Haim) Nothmann (20/02/1836 – 06/01/1911) 
MotherAmalie Riesenfeld (18/03/1832 – 02/09/1892) 
Partner Ella Anna Martha Marie Osburg (02/07/1876 – )

Married 12/12/1896 Germany, Kassel


Divorced 1905.


Kaethe Nothmann (03/03/1905 – 25/11/1991)


Known only from his marriage certificate which names his parents as well as giving his date and place of birth.

Deported on 11/01/1944 from Berlin to Theresienstadt concentration camp where he died.

A namesake, born in Langendorf on 02/04/1886 is listed in mappingthelives.org citing the 1939 census for Berlin with the same deportation and death as multiple records give for the Emil born exactly 18 years earlier in the same place; I conclude that the record in www.mappingthelives.org reflects a transcription error, and that the two sources refer to the same person.

According to the 1939 census, Emil lived at Ritterstrasse 61, an address he shared with Kaethe Weinlaub geb. Nothmann born in Duesseldorf on 03/03/1905 who I suspect is Emil's divorced daughter.

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