Kaethe Nothmann

Germany, Duesseldorf
? FatherEmil Nothmann (02/04/1867 – ca 1944) 
? MotherElla Anna Martha Marie Osburg (02/07/1876 – ) 
Partner Walter Benjamin Weinlaub (24/01/1901 – )

Married 22/06/1929 Germany, Duesseldorf


Walter's Declaration of Intention gives the date and place of their marriage and states that they divorced in 1934.


Ralph Weinlaub (03/01/1931 – 10/12/2000)


Kaethe was living at the same address as Emil in the 1939 census, and - according to her former husband's US Declaration of Intention - had been divorced some 5 years earlier. The most likely explanation for this co-habitation would appear to be that they were father and daughter.

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