Kaethe Nothmann

Germany, Duesseldorf
USA, Florida
? FatherEmil Nothmann (02/04/1867 – ca 1944) 
? MotherElla Anna Martha Marie Osburg (02/07/1876 – ) 
Partner Walter Benjamin Weinlaub (24/01/1901 – )

Married 22/06/1929 Germany, Duesseldorf


Walter's Declaration of Intention gives the date and place of their marriage and states that they divorced in 1934.


Ralph Weinlaub (03/01/1931 – 10/12/2000)


Kaethe was living at the same address as Emil in the 1939 census, and - according to her former husband's US Declaration of Intention - had been divorced some 5 years earlier. The most likely explanation for this co-habitation would appear to be that they were father and daughter.

A memorial plaque dedicated to Kaethe's son, Ralph, is to be found in Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery, 200 NW 24th Ct, Pompano Beach, Broward, Florida, US. Next to his plaque is one dedicated to Kate Blumengarten, born the same date as Kaethe geb. Nothmann, whom I assume is his mother.

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With thanks to EL for his help with researching this person.

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