Fritz Wachsner

Germany, Berlin
Germany, Berlin, Charlottenburg
FatherMoritz (Moses) Wachsner (15/03/1840 – 08/10/1896) 
MotherAnna Leipziger (20/02/1849 – 30/04/1910) 
Partner Margarethe Pintus (23/11/1890 – 14/03/1925)

Married 14/10/1914 Germany, Berlin, Charlottenburg


Partner Margarete Birnbaum (10/01/1896 – )

Married 28/03/1929 Germany, Berlin, Schoeneberg


Divorced July 1929.


His date and place of death is noted on his marriage certificate. His death was reported by Georg Redlich, who also reported the deaths of Hedwig Birnbaum geb. Kalisky and Georg Moritz Birnbaum, born in Sagan on 04/01/1882, son of Eugen Birnbaum and Selma Birnbaum geb. Wiener. The relationship between these two Birnbaum families and Fritz's second wife Margarete geb. Birnbaum is not yet known.

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