Hedwig Kalisky

Germany, Magdeburg
Germany, Berlin, Wilmersdorf
FatherAron Kalisky (ca 1840 – ) 
MotherNatalie Simon (ca 1838-39 – 23/07/1914) 
Partner Eugen (Max) Birnbaum (26/06/1863 – 09/10/1930)

Married 18/09/1891 Germany, Magdeburg



Alice Rosa Birnbaum (05/07/1892 – 03/03/1943)

Hertha Birnbaum (14/06/1895 – )

Charlotte Birnbaum (21/10/1898 – )


Hedwig's death was reported by Georg Redlich of Berlin, Starnbergerstrasse 3. Two years later Georg reported the death of Georg Moritz Birnbaum, born in Sagan on 04/01/1882, son of Eugen Birnbaum and Selma Birnbaum geb. Wiener. Selma's 1934 death certificate describes her as the widow Selma Birnbaum geb. Wiener, born in Sagan, indicating that she was not a first wife of Hedwig's husband. The relationship (if any) between the two Birnbaum families for whom Georg Redlich reported deaths remains unknown: "widow" implies that Selma's marriage to Eugen ended with Eugen's death, not a divorce, but Hedwig's husband Eugen was married to Hedwig at his death, so the two Eugens must be different people.

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