Erna Hildegard Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
Diedca 1944
Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp
FatherJosef Nothmann (15/12/1861 – 22/02/1941) 
MotherFranziska Hamburger (ca 1860 – ) 
Partner Translateur (ca 1895 – )


Transported from Berlin to Theresienstadt concentration camp on 18/03/1943 and thence to Auschwitz concentration camp on 16/05/1944.

Her married name, according to the deportation records, was Translateur. Her prisoner number on transport I/90 to Theresienstadt concentration camp was 11012. Prisoner number 11013 on the same transport was Georg Translateur, born on 16/06/1886 in Lublinitz; I speculate that this was her husband, although a more distant relationship is also possible. Erna's cousin Margaretha also married a Translateur.

A member's tree at identifies Erna's husband as Hugo Translateur, making her Hugo's second wife following the death of Elfriede in 1929.


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