Alice Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
Diedca 1943
Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp
FatherJosef Nothmann (15/12/1861 – 22/02/1941) 
MotherFranziska Hamburger (ca 1860 – ) 
Partner Max Rosengarten (ca 1895 – )


Anneliese Rosengarten (20/09/1926 – ca 1944)


Recorded as Alice Rosengarten geb. Nothmann living in Berlin at Mommsenstrasse 14 in May 1939.

An Anneliese Rosengarten born 20/09/1926 in Koenigsberg is recorded at the same address; presumably Alice's daughter.

Alice was among those employed as forced labour in the factory of Ehrich & Graetz, Berlin-Treptow. She was deported from Berlin to Auschwitz concentration camp on 19/02/1943.

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With thanks to EL for his help with researching this person.

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