Samuel (Siegmund) Apt

Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Kempen
Germany, Berlin, Schoeneberg
FatherAbraham Apt (1817 – 1883) 
MotherFriederike (Rebekka, Rivke) Lasker (.../04/1819 – 25/11/1896) 
Partner Martha Ebstein (ca 1845 – )


Ludwig Richard Apt (15/01/1876 – 17/01/1945)

Ernst Bruno Apt (20/12/1879 – )

Johanna Apt (09/02/1881 – )

Charlotte Apt (06/06/1883 – )


His wife and children derive from the records of his children's marriages. In the records of his Ernst Bruno's and Charlotte's marriages, which he witnessed, he is named as Samuel (Siegmund) Apt, and he is ascribed the right age to be the subject of the JRI-Poland birth record. His children's marriage records place him in Berlin. His death certificate, which identifies the same parents and place of birth as does the JRI-Poland birth record, is signed by one Ernst Apt of Berlin, Wilmersdorf, presumably his son.

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