Julius Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Guttentag
Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
FatherHeimann Borinski (ca 1840 – ) 
MotherJohanna Cohn (ca 1840 – ) 
Partner Jenny Markus (09/10/1872 – ca 1942)

Married 25/08/1896 Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Kempen


Julius' death certificate


Max Borinski (02/06/1897 – )

Erich Borinski (07/12/1905 – 26/08/1942)


In ca 1930 he lived in Breslau at Charlottenstrasse 1 with his wife and a Max Borinski born 02/06/1897; presumably their son. The same Max is also listed at Klosterstrasse 49 with his wife, Lucie geb. Jacobsohn born 27/08/1900.

Julius died at home at Charlottenstrasse 1. His death was reported by Fritz Borinski who lived at the same address; his relationship is not known, and he does not appear in the Breslau synagogue community address list (ca 1930). He is buried in the Cosel Jewish cemetery, Breslau, field WOA.

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