Amalie (Helena?) Silbermann

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz, Lubie
Poland, Schlesien, Alt-Zabrze
FatherJacob Silbermann (ca 1790 – ) 
MotherHelena Bobrecker (ca 1790 – ) 
Partner Adolf (Abraham) Kaiser (ca 1815 – )


Johanna Kaiser (ca 1840 – )

Henriette Kaiser (02/01/1843 – 20/08/1920)

Lene (Linna) Silbermann (1847 – )


Named as mother of Jette.

Died aged 58 years so born 1820-21. However, she is presumably identical to the Malchen whose birth to Jacob and Lena in 1822 is recorded in JRI-Poland.

Amalie is missing from the family member listed in the record of the family's move in 1833, but possibly identical to Helena who is included in the list with age of 12 years.

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