Erich Gadiel

FatherEmil Gadiel (26/03/1874 – 04/11/1931) 
MotherHermine Apt (15/10/1880 – ca 1942) 
Partner Ilse Berger (1918 – )

Married 25/12/1949 UK, Gtr Manchester, Manchester


RG, a granddaughter of Emil Gadiel.


Aged 35 years when he married at the end of 1949, so born 1914.

Following the death of his father Erich, his mother and brother Kurt lived with his aunt Caezilie in Gleiwitz.

Erich's Gleiwitz residence card says that he moved from there to Augsburg.

Emigrated to England and changed his name to Eric Gardner. Served in the British Army in Burma. Married Ilse Berger in Manchester in 1949. Later emigrated to Israel.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

RG, a granddaughter of Emil Gadiel; - testimonial to his mother written by Erich; - residence card: Erich Gadiel;

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