Renette Danziger

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
Germany, Berlin, Schoeneberg
? FatherLoebel Danziger (1790-91 – 01/01/1859) 
? MotherCharlotte (Cyrel) Schweitzer (1797-98 – 25/08/1847) 
Partner Siegmund Hollaender (ca 1825 – )

Married 23/03/1848



Vanda Hollaender (19/10/1850 – )

Gustav Hollaender (15/02/1855 – 04/12/1915)

Victor Hugo Hollaender (20/04/1866 – 24/10/1940)

Felix Hollaender (01/11/1867 – 29/05/1931)


The Myslowitz marriage records of the time name only the father, so I cannot be certain of the link to the previous generation. However, this is consistent with Charlotte having died the previous year. Renette's father is described as Loebel, a merchant of Myslowitz, and I have found no evidence of "my" Loebel having a namesake.

The death certificate cited here is for the same person - Renette Hollaender geb. Danziger, wife of Siegmund, born in Myslowitz but it also does not name her mother.

Died aged 77 years so born 1828-29.


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