Adolf (Aron) Czwiklitzer

Poland, Schlesien, Mokrau (Nicolai)
Poland, Schlesien, Hindenburg
FatherJoachim (Jochem) Czwiklitzer (07/10/1800 – 29/09/1868) 
MotherFriedricke (Rebecca) Graetzer (1805 – ) 
Partner Ernestine Jacobowitz (13/09/1848 – 24/12/1926)

Married 24/09/1868



Elfriede Czwiklitzer (29/12/1872 – ca 1942)

Sofie Czwiklitzer (27/06/1876 – ca 1942)

Hugo (Chaim) Czwiklitzer (ca 1876 – ca 1943)

Rudolph (Constantin) Czwiklitzer (17/04/1879 – ca 1942)

Rosa Czwiklitzer (27/09/1883 – 13/12/1938)


Described in Sofie's birth certificate as a Distillateur and in Rudolph's marriage certificate as a businessmann.

Aged 27 when he married in 1868, aged 63 years when he witnessed Rudolph's marriage in 1904, aged 64 years when he witnessed Rosa's marriage in 1905, and died aged 88 years, so born 1840-41.

Named as Aron in the record of his marriage to Ernestine, and as Adolf on their joint gravestone. Adolf is a common German cognate for Aron.

Death certificate
Adolf and Ernestine's gravestone
Photo: HC, a descendant of Hugo Czwiklitzer
Pless family record

His death was reported by Rudolph, then living in Berlin. The death certificate says that he was born in Mokrau, kreiss Pless and died at home in Hindenburg. His address is given as Parisiusstraße 7, which was also his address in the 1908-09 and 1912 Zabrze address books.

A photo of his gravestone gives his date of birth; it is not completely legible, but appears to be "xx.9.1840". This ties up with an entry in the Pless family records for the birth of Aron on 16/09/1840 to Joachim. Another researcher's published tree on confirms that Adolf's father was Joachim.

Sources - Pless family records;
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