Rosa Weissenberg

Poland, Schlesien, Hindenburg
Diedca 1942
FatherJulius Weissenberg (11/11/1842 – 20/08/1914) 
MotherCharlotte Ehrlich (19/03/1848 – 25/12/1915) 
Partner Adolf Schutz (ca 1885 – ca 1942)


Gunter (Garry) Schutz (08/06/1922 – 27/07/2002)


The USHMM website, from which her ID card request comes, has transcribed her surname as SELNUTZ, however I consider a more credible reading is SCHUTZ.

If my reading is correct, then the Brazilian entry permit for Gunter Schutz, probably her son, born a few miles from her own birthplace when she was aged 36 years, also identifies her husband's first name as Adolf.

Rosa and Adolf were murdereded during the Shoah.

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