Emma Weiss

Poland, Schlesien, Petrowitz
Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherMoses (Moritz) Weiss (1839-40 – ) 
MotherRosel Perls (25/05/1845 – ) 
Partner Orgler (ca 1870 – )


Herbert Orgler (02/01/1907 – )

Heinz Orgler (28/04/1911 – )


JRI-Poland gives her name, date and place of birth. A Gleiwitz residence card bearing the same details identifies her as a widow, with the married name of Orgler, indicates that she arrived in Gleiwitz from Beuthen in 1925 and gives her date of death. A Gleiwitz record card in the name of Heinz Orgler, born in Kattowitz in 1911 shows the same sequence of addresses; I assume this is her son. Another card in the name of Herbert Orgle, born in Kattowitz in 1907, shows the same move from Beuthen to the first address in 1925; I assume this is another son.

Her death certificate says she was divorced and does not give any details of her marriage or husband.


cbj.jhi.pl - Emma's Gleiwitz residence card;
cbj.jhi.pl - Heinz's Gleiwitz residence card;
cbj.jhi.pl - Herbert's Gleiwitz residence card.

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