Hugo Perls

Germany, Berlin
FatherAdolf (Abraham) Perls (1814-15 – 15/04/1907) 
MotherBertha Deutsch (1819-23 – 21/03/1907) 
Partner Laura Haase (17/03/1862 – 1919)

Married 06/03/1882 Poland, Schlesien, Rybnik



Lise Perls (02/08/1883 – )

Hugo Perls (24/05/1886 – 1977)


Living in Gleiwitz before his marriage. The records of their marriage and their son Hugo's birth describes him as a Banquier (banker). Their son's birth certificate gives Hugo (senior's) date and place of death. Consistent with this, in 1889 Hugo's wife, Laura, is described in the Berlin address book as Banquierww (banker's widow).

Their son, Hugo, was born a shortly after his father's death and was named in honour of his deceased father.

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