Theresia Bujakowsky

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz, Schalscha
FatherJankel Bujakowsky (1744-45 – 02/10/1820) 
MotherKatel Bernhard (ca 1770 – ) 
Partner Michael Chiel/Hille Staub (24/02/1813 – 18/02/1864)

Married 25/11/1835


The Pless family records list Michael Staub (born 24/02/1813) and his wife Theresia Bukowsky (born 1816), married in November 1835 and living in Berun. "Bukowsky" may be a corruption or mis-spelling of "Bujakowsky", which is the surname of Michael's second wife, Ernestine.

A Theresia Bujakowsky moved from Petersdorf to Berun in September 1835; this is likely to be the same person. The record cites family numbers 464 and 105.

JRI-Poland records the birth of a Theresie Bujakowsky in 1815 and names her parents as Jankel and Katel geb. Bernhard. JRI-Poland also records the birth of Marianne to the same parents in 1812. JRI-Poland also records the movements of Jacob Bujakowsky and his wives in 1830 and 1835; both records cite family numbers 464 and 105, and one names his father as Jankel.

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