Theodor Weissenberg

Poland, Schlesien, Kreuzenort
Diedca 1942
Poland, Treblinka extermination camp
FatherMarkus (Max) Weissenberg (21/08/1836 – 25/12/1908) 
MotherDorothea Heymann (01/08/1834 – 20/11/1906) 
Partner Regina Berger (10/11/1871 – ca 1942)



Gertrud Weissenberg (22/04/1895 – )

Erich Weissenberg (1897 – 1907)

Hilde Weissenberg (04/10/1907 – 22/10/1993)


The family lived in Kreuzenort where they owned a shop. According to his daughter Hilde's autobiography they sold textiles, ready-made suits and furniture.

Retired to Breslau in 1918.

Reported to the Gestapo by a neighbour in 1939 for making a derogatory comment about Hitler and immediately imprisoned for several months.

Addresses in Breslau during the war reflect the expulsion of Jews from their homes and containment in the Semmellager ready for deportation:
• Eichendorffstrasse 67,
• Lothringerstrasse 6,
• Gartenstrasse 51, (an address earlier occupied by Albert Gassmann's family)
• Neue Graupenstrasse 3-4.

Transported from Breslau to Theresienstadt on 31/08/1942 and thence to Treblinka extermination camp 29/09/1942.

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