Moritz Traube

Poland, Schlesien, Ratibor
Germany, Berlin
FatherWilhelm Traube (ca 1795 – ) 
MotherEvaline Heymann (ca 1795 – ) 
Partner Bertha Moll (1834-35 – )

Married 22/01/1855



Anna Traube (1855-56 – )

Hermann Traube (24/09/1860 – 29/01/1913)

Wilhelm Traube (10/01/1866 – 28/09/1942)

Martha Traube (1869-70 – )


"Traube worked on chemical, biochemical, medical, physiological and pathophysiological problems. He was engaged in hygienics, physical chemistry and basic chemical research. Although he was never a staff member of a university and earned his living as a wine merchant, he was able to refute theories of his leading contemporaries, including Justus von Liebig, Louis Pasteur, Felix Hoppe-Seyler and Julius Sachs, and to develop significant theories of his own with solid experimental foundations. The chemistry of oxygen and its significance to the organism were the central objects of his research and provided the common thread uniting almost all of his scientific activity."

With three daughters and two sons.

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