Hugo Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
Israel, Jerusalem
FatherSiegmund Nothmann (1842 – ) 
MotherLinna Kuznitzky (27/11/1846 – 07/07/1927) 
Partner Auguste Goldschmidt (23/08/1894 – )

Married 19/01/1922



Hans Siegmund (Jeshajahu) Nothmann (ca 1915 – )

Rachel Nothmann (ca 1915 – )

Lea Nothmann (ca 1915 – )


His marriage certificate gives his date of birth as 31/01/1882 and names his wife as Auguste Goldschmidt, but does not menton his parents. One of the witnesses was Anna Guttmann geb. Nothmann, a daughter of Siegmund Nothmann and Linna Kuznitzky.

A ca 1930 Breslau address list includes the same couple at Hohenzollenstrasse 78 and gives his occupation as Rechtsanwalt.

A family tree at also gives his date of birth as 31/01/1882 and identifies his wife as Auguste Goldschmidt, and additionally names his parents as Sigmund Nothmann and Lina Kusnitzky and says he died in Jerusalem.

Sonja Delander says that he was a leading Berlin paediatrician in the 1920s and early 1930s and went on to be a psychiatrist in Jerusalem.

The conflicting professions and locations suggest that one of the sources has conflated Hugo and someone else, possible his cousin namesake.

Sources; - address, occupation and date of birth;
Sonja Delander: Nothmann Chronicle, 1974 page 9 (7).

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