Hugo Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
Israel, Jerusalem
FatherSiegmund Nothmann (1842 – ) 
MotherLinna Kuznitzky (27/11/1846 – 07/07/1927) 
Partner Auguste Goldschmidt (23/08/1894 – )

Married 19/01/1922



Hans Siegmund (Jeshajahu) Nothmann (ca 1915 – )

Rachel Nothmann (ca 1915 – )

Lea Nothmann (ca 1915 – )


His marriage certificate gives places his birth in Myslowitz on 31/01/1882 and names his wife as Auguste Goldschmidt, but does not menton his parents. One of the witnesses was Anna Guttmann geb. Nothmann, a daughter of Siegmund Nothmann and Linna Kuznitzky.

A ca 1930 Breslau address list includes the same couple at Hohenzollenstrasse 78 and gives his occupation as Rechtsanwalt.

Birth announcement in
Der Oberschlesische Wanderer,
Jg. 54, Nr. 30, 4 February 1882,
page 4

A family tree at also gives his date of birth as 31/01/1882 and identifies his wife as Auguste Goldschmidt, and additionally names his parents as Sigmund Nothmann and Lina Kusnitzky and says he died in Jerusalem. A birth announcement on 04/02/1882 says that a son had been born to Siegmund Nothmann in Myslowitz.

Sonja Delander says that he was a leading Berlin paediatrician in the 1920s and early 1930s and went on to be a psychiatrist in Jerusalem.

The conflicting professions and locations suggest that one of the sources has conflated Hugo and someone else, possibly his cousin namesake.

Sources; - Der Oberschlesische Wanderer, Jg. 54, Nr. 30, 4 February 1882; - address, occupation and date of birth;
Sonja Delander: Nothmann Chronicle, 1974 page 9 (7).

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