Gertrud Philippine Wienskowitz

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
Germany, Berlin, Schoeneberg
FatherJosef (Isador) Wienskowitz (19/11/1836 – .../06/1892) 
MotherIda Wendriner (21/04/1849 – 14/12/1933) 
Partner Ernst Wolfgang Halberstaedter (15/02/1863 – 28/02/1940)

Married 05/04/1892 Poland, Schlesien, Breslau



Hertha Johanna Halberstaedter (11/01/1893 – .../05/1977)

Fritz Josef (Fred) Halberstaedter (06/07/1894 – 14/11/1994)

Werner Halberstaedter (09/08/1896 – 1916)


Living in Breslau at the time of her marriage in 1892.

JRI notes against her marriage to Ernst that she divorced in 1914. The Berlin address books list Gertrud and Ernst at different addresses, although both under the Halberstaedter surname, in 1914 and from 1916 onwards (in 1915 neither is listed).

Photo(s) from the Fred Halbers collection can be found at - Center for Jewish History (search for "Fred Halbers Collection").

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