Israel Riesenfeld

FatherLoebel Riesenfeld (1748-49 – 03/12/1824) 
MotherTheresie Kaziorunke (ca 1765 – ) 
Partner Goldine Radlauer (ca 1800 – )


Amalie Riesenfeld (11/03/1829 – )

Dorel Riesenfeld (05/12/1831 – )

Hannel Riesenfeld (05/12/1831 – )

Rosalie Riesenfeld (20/10/1834 – )

Loebel Riesenfeld (04/03/1836 – )

Jette Riesenfeld (26/05/1839 – )

Marianne Riesenfeld (04/07/1842 – )


The record of his move from Logischen (Guhrau) to Ponischowitz (Tost) on 01/04/1833 identifies his father as Loebel. He was accompanied on this move by his wife Goldine geb. Radlauer and children Amalie, Dorel, Hannel, Rosalie and Loebel; the records give their dates of birth. His Tost family number, 337, suggests he is an older brother of Samuel, whose Tost family number is 338, which fits well with the record of his move with his mother and two brothers following his father's death.

Inn lessee of Ponischowitz when his daughter Jette was born.
Butcher of Ponischowitz when his daughter Marianne was born.
Innkeeper of Siemianowitz when his daughter Rosalie married.


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