Alfred Freudenthal

FatherHermann (Hirschel) Freudenthal (ca 1840 ‑ ) 
MotherCharlotte Nothmann (1843-44 ‑ ) 
Partner Selma Nothmann (11/01/1878 ‑ )

Married 24/08/1903 Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen


Partner Elsbeth Schlesinger (13/12/1878 ‑ )



In 1919 Alfred, living in Breslau at Zimmerstrasse 3, established an endowment in his and Selma's names.

In ca 1930 he was living at Platz der Republik 9 with Elsbeth, and sharing the house with his brother Siegfried and his second wife.

Sonja Delander names both Selma and Elsbeth as wives of Alfred.


Sonja Delander: Nothmann Chronicle, 1974; - endowment with Selma; - address and date of birth, living with Elsbeth.

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