Dorothy Spain

FatherThomas Spain (1772-73 – .../10/1847) 
MotherDorothy Wilson (06/09/1772 – 13/01/1853) 
Partner Robert Wrightson (1802-1803 – )

Married 18/12/1826 UK, Tyne and Wear, Monkwearmouth


Durham Records Online:
Marriages, Sunderland District - Record Number: 451749.1
Location: Monkwearmouth
Church: St. Peter
Denomination: Anglican
18 Dec 1826 Robert Wrightson (bachelor), of this parish married Dorothy Spain (spinster), of this parish, by Banns
Witnesses: Thomas Spain, Stephen Wrightson


Isabella Wrightson (1827-28 – )

Thomas Wrightson (1828-29 – )

Dorothy Wrightson (1832-33 – )

Mary Wrightson (1833-34 – )

Robert Wrightson (1839-40 – )

John Wrightson (1841-42 – )

Susannah Wrightson (1843-44 – )

James Wrightson (1848-49 – )


Durham Records Online:
Baptisms, Sunderland District - Record Number: 591621.0
Location: Monkwearmouth
Church: St. Peter
Denomination: Anglican
2 Oct 1804 Dorothy Spain, born 22-Jul 1804, 3rd daughter of Thomas Spain (Monkwearmouth mariner) by his wife Dorothy Wilson (daughter of Ralph Wilson of Shore ).

1841 census for Hedworth Street, Monkwearmouth Shore:
NameAgeOccupationWhether born in the county
Robert Wrightson35BakerNo
Dorothy Wrightson35 Yes
Isabella Wrightson13 Yes
Thomas Wrightson12Carpenter ApYes
Dorothy Wrightson8 Yes
Mary Wrightson7 Yes
Robert Wrightson2 Yes

1851 census for Hedworth Street:
NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere born
Robert WrightsonHead48BakerYorkshire Normanby
Dorothy WrightsonWife46 Durham Sunderland
Isabel WrightsonDaughter23 Durham Sunderland
Thomas WrightsonSon22BlacksmithDurham Sunderland
Robert WrightsonSon11Blacksmith app.Durham Sunderland
John WrightsonSon9ScholarDurham Sunderland
Susannah WrightsonDaughter7ScholarDurham Sunderland
James WrightsonSon2 Durham Sunderland

1861 census for the Bake House, 8 Garden Court, Monkwearmouth:
NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere born
Robert WrightsonHead58Bread BakerYorkshire Normanby
Dorothy WrightsonWife56Bread bakerDurham Sunderland
Thomas WrightsonSon32BlacksmithDurham Sunderland
John WrightsonSon19BlacksmithDurham Sunderland
James WrightsonSon12Block makerDurham Sunderland


Year of death: Durham Records Online - full record not obtained.

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