Samuel Freund

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
Germany, Hannover
FatherIsidor (Josep, Isarius, Israel) Freund (31/01/1844 – 18/07/1903) 
MotherCaecilie Nothmann (12/12/1845 – 11/07/1915) 
Partner Minna Feilchenfeld (12/07/1871 – ca 1942)


Eduard Freund (1901 – )

Lisa Freund (1903 – )

Julius Freund (ca 1905 – )


Senior rabbi of Hannover and the Landrabbiner for the German state of Lower Saxony.

Studied at the Elisabet-Gymnasium in Breslau.
1887 to 1894: studied philosophy and oriental languages at Breslau university.
1889: teacher in a Jewisher school in Breslau.
1893: appointed as rabbi in Czarnikau.
1898: appointed as rabbi in Ostrowo.
1907: appointed as second rabbi in Hanover.
1924: appointed as regional rabbi for Hanover.
Buried in Hannover's Jewish cemetery "An der Strangriede".

His children Eduard and Lisa emigrated to Palestine and Juilius to California in the 1930s.


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