Adolf Staub

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherMeyer Staub (10/11/1826 – 17/01/1901) 
MotherFanny Loewe (1828 – 31/10/1912) 
Partner Fanny Simon (14/05/1866 – )


Thea Staub (22/06/1892 – )


A brickyard owner.

The Gleiwitz section of the 1928 telephone book lists Adolf and places his brickyard in Schoenwald.

Yad Vashem cites records the deportation of Adolf and Fanny Staub from Gleiwitz on 23/05/1942. In both cases, the records cited by Yad Vashem quote the birthdays given on their residence card, but in both cases the years of birth are mis-quoted: 1856 instead of 1858 for Adolf, and 1860 instead of 1866 for Fanny.

A transcription of Gleiwitz ul. Poniatowskiego cemetery records lists Adolf Staub (08/04/1856 - 28/05/1942) son of Meyer and his wife Fanny Simon (14/05/1860 - 28/05/1942). Both deaths were 5 days after their deportation, yet they are buried in Gleiwitz, so it appears that they died between being arrested and their departure from Gleiwitz on the deportation transport. The cemetery records appear to quote information from the same source as Yad Vashem, presumably the Nazis' deportation list. I assume they committed suicide or were murdered before the transport departed Gleiwitz and their bodies were delivered to the Jewish cemetery during the post-deportation mopping-up operation, along with identifying details from the inaccurately recorded deportation list.

Both residence cards have been stamped with the same date as the date of death recorded by the cemetery.


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