Alfred (Alexander) Gassmann

Poland, Schlesien, Klein Zabrze
Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
FatherFerdinand Gassmann (24/04/1840 – 19/12/1897) 
MotherOttillie (Ernestine?) Pollack (1847 – 07/02/1908) 
Partner Fanny Markus (24/10/1879 – 15/06/1941)

Married 07/10/1901 Poland, Schlesien, Breslau


Each of their death certificates names the other as spouse and gives the date and place of their marriage.


Fritz Ferdinand Gassmann (23/02/1904 – )

Johannes Gassmann (15/05/1906 – )


Birth and death certificate

I have tentatively equated Alexander (named on his birth and death certificates) with Alfred, named in other records.

Named as a brother of Max Gassmann, he served in WWI, was married and lived in Breslau.

Max's death
1903 register
ca 1930 address list

A 1903 register lists an Alfred Gassmann, Commis. living at Ritterplatz 3.

Alfred Gassmann, businessman, born 24/04/1877 lived in Breslau at Nachodstrasse 13 in ca 1930 with his wife Fanny geb. Markus born 24/10/1879 and presumably their son Johannes born 15/05/1906. Alfred and Fanny Gassmann are buried in Cosel Jewish cemetery, Breslau, field woa, number 20.

His death certificate names his parents and wife and gives the same date of birth as the ca 1930 address list.

Both his and Fanni's death certificates call him Alexander.

Died in the Jewish Hospital, Breslau.

Sources - Max Gassmann's death announcement listing his wife, children and siblings, including Alfred; 1903 register mentions an Alfred Gassmann at Ritterplatz 3; - address in Breslau in ca 1930 and dates of birth of Alfred Gassmann and his family; - list of burials in Breslau Cosel (ul. Lotnicza) cemetery.

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