Selma Weber

Partner Max Gassmann (15/09/1875 – 10/06/1915)


Klaus-Ferdinand Gassmann (ca 1912 – )

Hans-Wolfgang (Pierre) Gassmann (15/09/1913 – 05/07/2004)


Lived in Breslau where she operated an X-ray laboratory. Named as the wife of Dr. med. Max Gassmann when he died during the first World War; at that time her address is given as Sternstrasse 112.

In ca 1930 she lived at Charlottenstrasse 14.

Sources - confirms Selma Gassmann, doctor's widow at Charlottenstrasse 14 (in ca 1930) was born Weber, also gives her date of birth;,,, - invoices addressed to Dr. Selma Gassmann at Charlottenstrasse 14 in 1930-32 for the maintenance of Leopold and Paula Weber's graves and the Gassmann wargrave;
1935 address book for Breslau - describes Frau S Gassmann at Charlottenstrasse 14 as a radiographer and gives a separate address for her laboratory; - describes Pierre Gassmann's mother as having an X-ray laboratory in Breslau; - Max Gassmann's death announcement listing his wife, parents-in-law, children and siblings; - war grave register given Max Gassmann's wife's name and address - grave number 9 (6th entry on left and right pages).

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