Hans-Wolfgang (Pierre) Gassmann

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
France, Paris
FatherMax Gassmann (15/09/1875 – 10/06/1915) 
MotherSelma Weber (28/11/1889 – ) 


Edy Gassmann (ca 1940 – 2004)


Since the family was German, it is likely that Pierre is not his original name. An unsourced (as at 18/12/2016) article on Wikipedia says that he changed his name from Hans to Pierre.

His mother was married to Max Gassmann whose death announcement in 1915 lists his children as Klaus-Ferdinand and Hans-Wolfgang; "Pierre" must be one of these. An article about Pierre Gassmann includes a photograph of Klaus and Pierre Gassmann in 1921, which means that "Pierre" must be Hans-Wolfgang.

Founder of Picto service in France.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

photographie.com - article including photograph of Klaus and Pierre Gassmann in 1921 (saved for posterity by archive.org);
fr.wikipedia.org - name change;
de.wikipedia.org citing tumblr.com and wissen-digital.de says he was born in Breslau where his mother had an X-ray laboratory - this must be Selma Gassmann.

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