Berthold Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
FatherHeimann (Haim) Nothmann (20/02/1836 – 06/01/1911) 
MotherAmalie Riesenfeld (18/03/1832 – 02/09/1892) 
Partner Martha Bender (22/04/1874 – )

Married 26/08/1894 Poland, Schlesien, Hirschberg



The fourth of nine children.

The 1914 Gleiwitz address book (pages 44 and 99) lists a Berthold Nothmann as a director of Verkaufsstelle Oberschlesischer Stahlröhrenwerke (Bismarckhütte-Huldschinskywerke) G.m.b.H. and Oberschlesische Stahlwerksgesellschaft G.m.b.H.

The Centre for Jewish History says of him, in its Guide to the Papers of the Nothmann Family 1892-1951:

Berthold Nothmann was born in Langendorf, Upper Silesia (today Wielowieś, Poland), on December 27, 1865. In Breslau (today Wrocław, Poland) he became a merchant and started working in the Hudschinsky tube factory (Röhrenwerke). Later he became the director of the company’s branch in Gleiwitz (Gliwice, Poland). Nothmann retired in 1931 and moved to Berlin Wannsee, later to emigrate to London, England, where he died in February 1942 with no descendants. He had been a passionate art collector and some of his pieces can be seen in the photographs in this collection. Berthold was married to Martha, née Bender.


Meine Lebenserinnerungen by Berthold Nothmann;
1914 address book for Gleiwitz; - Guide to the Papers of the Nothmann Family 1892-1951.

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