Berthold Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
UK, London
FatherHeimann (Haim) Nothmann (20/02/1836 – 06/01/1911) 
MotherAmalie Riesenfeld (18/03/1832 – 02/09/1892) 
Partner Martha Bender (22/05/1874 – .../08/1967)

Married 26/08/1894 Poland, Schlesien, Hirschberg



The fourth of nine children.

The 1914 Gleiwitz address book (pages 44 and 99) lists a Berthold Nothmann as a director of Verkaufsstelle Oberschlesischer Stahlröhrenwerke (Bismarckhütte-Huldschinskywerke) G.m.b.H. and Oberschlesische Stahlwerksgesellschaft G.m.b.H.

The Centre for Jewish History says of him, in its Guide to the Papers of the Nothmann Family 1892-1951:

Berthold Nothmann was born in Langendorf, Upper Silesia (today Wielowieś, Poland), on December 27, 1865. In Breslau (today Wrocław, Poland) he became a merchant and started working in the Hudschinsky tube factory (Röhrenwerke). Later he became the director of the company's branch in Gleiwitz (Gliwice, Poland). After World War I, he organized a tube industry syndicate which he led as the director of the board. Nothmann retired in 1931. A year later he moved from Düsseldorf to Berlin Wannsee. Because of the Nuremberg Laws, he had to resign his 40-year-old membership in the Verein Deutscher Hüttenleute (Union of German Metallurgists) in 1935, and in 1939 he filed an application for a visa to the United Kingdom. He died in London at the beginning of February 1942 and had no descendants. He had been a passionate art collector and some of his pieces can be seen in the photographs in this collection. Berthold was married to Martha, née Bender.


Meine Lebenserinnerungen by Berthold Nothmann;
1914 address book for Gleiwitz; - Guide to the Papers of the Nothmann Family 1892-1951.

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