Ernst Gunther Beier

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
USA, Utah, Salt Lake City
FatherPaul Beier (15/03/1875 – 21/06/1935) 
MotherJohanna Moses (12/02/1889 – ) 
Partner Frances Redlich (27/05/1926 – )

Married 1949


Joan Margaret (Peggy) Beier (30/07/1952 – 26/10/1964)


Born in Breslau, Germany, 1916. Escape from Nazi Germany to Switzerland, 1936. Emigrated to the United States, 1938. BA from Amherst College, 1940. Worked as chemist at Socony Vacuum Oil Company, 1940-42. Service in the US Army, Mountain Troops, then Infantry in the European theater of war, 1943-45. Awarded the Silver Battle Star for having fought in five battles. Prisoner of war in Germany, 1945. PhD in Psychology from Columbia University, 1948. Professorship at Syracuse University 1948-53. Married to Frances Redlich, 1949. Professorship at University of Utah, 1954-82. Dedicated to writing, skiing and sailing since retirement.

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