Marcus Brie

Bornca 1775
Partner Dorothea (ca 1775 – )


Daughter Charlotte's death certificate.


Dorothea Brie (1803-04 – 14/03/1880)

Verona Brie (10/04/1806 – )

Joseph Brie (1807 – )

Esther Brie (15/11/1811 – )

Pauline Brie (18/03/1814 – )

Charlotte (Sorel) Brie (24/12/1824 – 10/02/1881)

Partner Selde Borinski (1770 – 22/01/1848)

Married 01/04/1827 Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau



According to Delowicz, he married twice, the second time in 1827 to Selde Borinski; the name of his first wife is unknown. Delowicz lists his children (based on their dates of birth, all from his first marriage) as Joseph, Verona, Ester, Pauline and Sorel.

An earlier child, Dorothea, born in Sohrau in 1803-04 to Marcus Brie, late of Klein Zabrze, is inferred from her death certificate.

A death certificate for a Charlotte Glaser geb. Brie, born in Sohrau, names her parents as Marcus Brie, late of Klein Zabrze and Dorothea (maiden name unknown) late of Sohrau. The death certificate says that Charlotte died in February 1881 aged 59 years, so born 1821-22. As Charlotte is a common cognate of the Hebrew Sorel this is probably the daughter of that name for whom Delowicz gives a date of birth in December 1824. This would suggest that Marcus' first wife and his first child were both named Dorothea.

According to JRI-Poland a Marcus Brie of Sohrau and Rybnik died in Zabrze on 07/12/1855 aged 50 years, so born 1805. This bares a striking similarity to the father of Dorothea and Charlotte, apart from his age being wrong. If his age is a mis-transcription of 80 it would be entirely plausible.


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