Selde Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
? Father[husband of Beate] Borinski (ca 1735 – ) 
? MotherBeate (1736-37 – 07/12/1820) 
Partner Emanuel Brie (ca 1780 – )


Pauline Brie (1811-21 – 31/12/1886)

Partner Marcus Brie (ca 1775 – )

Married 01/04/1827 Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau



Delowicz mentions a Selde Borinski from Woszczyce, second wife of Marcus Brie. He also mentions a Selma Brie geb. Borinski, wife of Julian Emanuel. Pauline's death certificate names her parents as Emanuel Brie and Selde geb. Borinski of Sohrau. It seems most likely that Selma and Selde are the same person, and that Selma/Selde married the widowed Marcus following the death of Emanuel.


Gmina Wyznania Mojżeszowego w Żorach 1511-1940 by Jan Delowicz page 86 - year of birth (as Selde, wife of Marcus Brie); date of death (as Selma, wife of Julian Emanuel Brie).

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