Rosalie (Rahel) Lenkauer

Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
FatherJakob Lenkauer (ca 1765 – ) 
MotherHanna Eckersdorf (ca 1765 – ) 
Partner Ascher Danziger (1791-92 – )

Married 10/06/1817

Source - Gleiwitz Jewish registers
RL citing Gleiwitz-Land records.


Handel Danziger (ca 1830 – )


Aged 22 years when she married in 1817 so born 1794-95.

A Rosalie Danziger, geb. Lenkauer died in Beuthen on 10/10/1862 aged 71 years (so born 1788-1789). The record of her burial gives her maiden name as Loenkauer and names her husband as Ascher; her father is named as Chanoch.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

RL - names Rahel Lenkauer as Ascher's wife;
JRI-Poland - details of her (or a namesake's) death and burial.

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