Ernst Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
Germany, Berlin, Charlottenburg
FatherLouis Borinski (28/04/1833 – 08/05/1898) 
MotherBertha Kassel (1835 – 20/02/1900) 
Partner Gertrud Fuchs (23/06/1875 – )

Married 21/09/1895 Germany, Berlin



This is not Professor Ernst Borinski of Tougaloo College, whose father was named as Max Borinski, although circumstantial evidence suggests that they are distantly related.

His father's death certificate places him in Kattowitz in 1898, while his mother's death certificate places him in Berlin in 1900.

The 1902 Upper Silesia business directory shows that following the death of Louis Borinski, Ernst replaced him as co-owner of his buisness.

The entry for Louis Borinski's business in the 1914 Kattowitz address book says that Ernst lives in Charlottenburg (Berlin). The Berlin address books first record an Ernst Borinski in 1910, and from then until 1914 they list only one Ernst Borinski, so this must be Louis' successor referred to by the 1914 Kattowitz address book. Furthermore, correspondence in 1912 regarding the legacy for the maintenance of Louis' grave is addressed to Ernst at Charlottenburg, Schillerstrasse 10.

• 1910: Ernst lived at NW23 Siegmunds Hof 1, and his brother Alfred lived at Charlottenberg, Schillerstrasse 9.
• 1911: Ernst lived with Alfred at Schillerstrasse 9.
• 1912: (the year that Alfred died) Ernst is shown at Schillerstrasse 10 while Alfred remained at Schillerstrasse 9.
• 1913: Ernst was still at Schillerstrasse 10, and Alfred's widow, Helene had moved in with him.
• 1914: Ernst was still at Schillerstrasse 10, while Helene had moved to Schillerstrasse 12-13.

The 1925 Berlin address book shows Ernst, now retired and living at Schillerstrasse 104, the address of his brother Rudolp when he died in 1919. After 1925 he does not appear in the Berlin address books. His death certificate says that he died at home at Schillerstrasse 104.

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