Goldine Cohn

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Gross Strehlitz
FatherLoebel Katz (1789-90 – ) 
MotherSprinze Bloch (1797-98 – ) 


JRI-Poland gives her date of birth, in Langendorf to Loebel Cohn and Sprinze geb. Bloch, as 23/05/1825. A death certificate for an unmarried trader Goldine Cohn who died in 1906 aged 76 years (so born 1829-30) names her parents as trader Loebel and Rosalie geb. Bloch and puts her birth in Kadlub, kreis Gross Strehlitz. It is not clear whether these records refer to the same person.

Her death was reported by Michaelis Namm, master tailor.

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