Joseph Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Guttentag
Diedca 1942
Poland, Treblinka extermination camp
? FatherHeimann Borinski (ca 1840 – ) 
? MotherJohanna Cohn (ca 1840 – ) 
Partner Caecilie Seidel (1869/08/17 – ca 1942)


Julius Borinski (25/02/1895 – )

Edith Borinski (17/06/1905 – 02/04/1993)


Named in daughter Edith's death certificate.

His granddaughter says that Joseph and Caecilia lived in Trebnitz. Joseph's deportation records give his place of birth as Guttentag and Heimann's son Julius witnessed the marriage of Joseph's son Julius; these circumstances suggest that Joseph is closely related to Heimann, whose children were born in Guttentag.

Joseph and Caecilia were deported from Breslau to Theresienstadt concentration camp on 30/08/1942 and thence to Treblinka extermination camp on 29/09/1942; they have consecutive prisoner numbers for both deportations.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - testimonial by his granddaughter: relationships; - deportations.

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