Bruno Halberstaedter

Germany, Berlin
FatherHerrmann (Zvi) Halberstaedter (22/01/1826 – 23/03/1880) 
MotherHenriette Prager (02/01/1838 – 26/06/1895) 
Partner Elise Auguste Ostermann (20/08/1872 – 23/04/1943)

Married 09/02/1895 Germany, Berlin



Hermann Halberstaedter (29/02/1896 – 1966)


Described as a businessman aged 30 years living in Berlin in his brother Ernst's 1892 marriage certificate.

Bruno appears in the Berlin address books from 1892 to 1930 (despite his death in 1926). From 1903 to 1921 he is listed as co-owner Sussmann & Wiesenthal, a clothing factory, in Berlin. The other co-owner was Carl Ostermann who a descendant of the Ostermann family confirms was Bruno's brother-in-law.

Photo of Bruno - Fred Halbers collection.

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