Arthur Edwin Warren

UK, Tyne and Wear, Sunderland, Brougham Street, 7
UK, Tyne and Wear, Sunderland, Fulwell Road, 1
FatherNicholas Warren (05/09/1831 – 09/05/1912) 
MotherJane Bunton (1832 – 07/11/1896) 
Partner Mary Ann Gibson (1861 – 1915)

Married 10/04/1887 UK, Tyne and Wear, Sunderland, Southwick, Holy Trinity



Ethel May Warren (19/05/1888 – )

Edwin Nicholas Warren (19/05/1888 – )


Birth registered by mother: Jane Warren formerly Bunton.

Engineer living at Carley Place at his marriage.
Occupation given as turner, living at 11 Pleasant Row, in connection with children's baptisms.

Durham Records Online
Cemetery Registers, Sunderland District - Record Number: 1454992.12
Location: Sunderland (Fulwell)
Cemetery: Mere Knolls Cemetery - Western Extension
Denomination: any
21 Oct 1913 Arthur Edwin Warren, of 1 Fulwell Road, age: 47, electrical engineer


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