Joseph Schlesinger

Partner Babette Pick (1795-96 – )

Married 06/05/1819

Source - Gleiwitz Jewish registers


Jacob Schlesinger (29/04/1818 – 08/08/1819)

Ascher Sclesinger (10/02/1823 – )

Rifke Schlesinger (29/11/1824 – 27/04/1825)

Mina Schlesinger (07/08/1826 – )


Aged 26 years when he married in 1819 so born 1792-93.

Parents: Jakob Hirsh Schlesinger and Lea geb. Lustig.

Joseph tried his hand at many professions: in 1818-19 he was a children's teacher, in 1823 he was a trader, in 1825 he was teaching again and also a furrier, in 1826 he was leasing an inn.

JRI-Poland records the movements of Joseph and Babette from Sohrau to Karchowitz with baby Jacob in April 1818; their arrival in Ratibor district in 1820 and their return from Raszyc (Ratibor) to Gross-Zaolschan with baby Ascher in February 1823.

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