Friederike Schodek

Poland, Schlesien, Landsberg
Poland, Schlesien, Landsberg
FatherLoebel Schodek (ca 1795 – ) 
MotherDorel Podlesche (ca 1795 – ) 
Partner Heimann Fabisch (1832-33 – 03/12/1889)


Minna Fabisch (1856 – 17/03/1917)

Leopold Fabisch (1865 – 17/12/1909)


Named on Minna's death certificate.

Minna's maiden surname is given as "Zadek" on Heimann's death certificate, but as "Schodek" on the death certificate cited here. Both certificates refer to Heiman as a master shoemaker of Landsberg and, given the similarity in sound between the two surnames, one could be a mistaken rendering of the other; the mistake is most likely to have been made in the reporting of Heimann's death since it is unlikely that Heimann would have been mistaken in reporting his wife's maiden name.

Minna died aged 60 years so born 1832-33.

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