Herta Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
Diedca 1943
Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp
FatherHeinrich Nothmann (05/01/1880 – 23/02/1943) 
MotherRosa Urbainczyk (14/08/1891 – ca 1943) 


Her identity is confirmed by her school report which names her father as Friseur Heinrich Nothmann and her mother as Rosa, which is consistant with information in her step-sister's testimonial. The reports also document the family's move from Augustastrasse to Sonnenstrasse.

Herta was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp on 23/02/1943.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

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cbj.jhi.pl and next page - school report 1933-34;
cbj.jhi.pl and next page - school report 1934-37.

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