Lilly Apt

Diedca 1942
FatherJulius Apt (18/04/1850 – 13/04/1914) 
MotherLuise Wendriner (1860 – 13/12/1913) 
Partner Georg Noskowski (07/07/1881 – )

Married 14/03/1908 Germany, Dresden



Hertha Noskowski (23/03/1909 – )


Her brother Rudolf names her as Lilly says she was born in 1884 and married Georg Noskowski, with daughter Hertha born in 1909. Her marriage certificate also calls her Lilli and gives her date of birth as 30/03/1885. The entry in the Breslau synagogue community address list (ca 1930) for Kronprinzenstrasse 78 lists Elli Noskowski geb. Apt born 30/03/1885 and Hertha Noskowski born 23/03/1909.

Lilli perished in the Holocaust.

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