Richard Thompson Spain

UK, Tyne and Wear, Sunderland, Southwick, James Armitage Street, 87
FatherJohn Spain (22/08/1802 – 17/08/1886) 
MotherSarah Thompson (ca 1804 – 09/11/1890) 
Partner Harriet Anne Watson (1831-32 – 17/06/1897)

Married 14/10/1856 UK, Tyne and Wear, Sunderland, Register Office,


Richard Thompson Spain's and Harriet Anne Watson's marriage certificate. Note that the certificate shows Richard's address as Yorke Street, Bishopwearmouth; however this appears to be a clerical error as the 1841 and 1851 censuses clearly show him living in York Street, Monkwearmouth.


Mary Jane Spain (1858-59 – 1912)

John Wayman Spain (26/12/1860 – 13/02/1888)

Sarah Anne Spain (1864-65 – 1923)

Elizabeth Spain (1866-67 – 1934)

Dorothy Spain (1869-70 – 1937)

Richard Thompson Spain (19/04/1873 – 04/04/1934)

Andrew Joseph Spain (1876-77 – 1938)


Christened 19/11/1832 at Dundas St Independent (Roker Congregational); record gives dob and names parents as John and Sarah.
1841 and 1851 censuses: York Street, Monkwearmouth.
1856 (marriage): 63 Yorke Street, Bishopwearmouth (a possible clerical error, given his earlier addresses).

1871 census - 6 Bloomfirled Street, Monkwearmouth:
NameRelationMarital StatusGenderAgeOccupationWhere born
Richard Thompson SpainHeadMMale38Block Mast MakerDurham Sunderland
Harriet A. SpainWifeMFemale38 Durham Sunderland
Mary J. SpainDaurUFemale12ScholarDurham Sunderland
John H. SpainSonUMale10ScholarDurham Sunderland
Sarah A. SpainDaurUFemale6ScholarDurham Sunderland
Elizabeth SpainDaurUFemale4 Durham Sunderland
Dorothy SpainDaurUFemale1 Durham Sunderland

1881 census - 10 Cornhill Terrace, Southwick:
NameRelationMarital StatusGenderAgeOccupationBirthplace
Richard T. SPAINHeadMMale48Block Mast MakerDurham Sunderland
Harriet A. SPAINWifeMFemale48 Durham Sunderland
Mary J. SPAINDaurUFemale22Domestic Serv & GenDurham Sunderland
John H. SPAINSonUMale20JoinerDurham Sunderland
Sarah A. SPAINDaurUFemale16Domestic Serv & GenDurham Sunderland
Elizabeth SPAINDaurUFemale14Domestic Serv & GenDurham Sunderland
Dorothy SPAINDaurUFemale11ScholarDurham Sunderland
Richard T. SPAINSonUMale9ScholarDurham Sunderland
Andrew J. SPAINSonUMale4 Durham Sunderland
William BURNNephewUMale21JoinerDurham Sunderland

1891 census - 24 Cornhill Terrace, Southwick:
NameRelationMarital StatusGenderAgeOccupationBirthplace
Richard T. SPAINHeadMMale58Block Mast MakerDurham Sunderland
Harriet A. SPAINWifeMFemale58 Durham Sunderland
Richard T. SPAINSonUMale17Appren. boot and shoe makerDurham Sunderland
Andrew J. SPAINSonUMale14Appren. blacksmithDurham Sunderland
Dorothy SPAINDaurUFemale21DomesticDurham Sunderland

My 2 x great grandfather.

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