Harry Translateur

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
Austria, Ebensee concentration camp
FatherLeo Translateur (04/06/1892 – ca 1942) 
MotherRecha Juda (14/05/1895 – ca 1942) 


Harry's residence card gives an address of Niederwallstrasse 22 from 01/09/1923, when he was little more than a year old, followed by an undated entry for Hirschstrasse 25. The 1936 Gleiwitz address book records a Leo Translateur at Niederwallstrasse 22.

Harry's is the only Gleiwitz residence card shown in cbj.jhi.pl for a Translateur other than a Johanna Juliusberger geb. Translateur who did not share these addresses.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

cbj.jhi.pl - Gleiwitz residence card;
yadvashem.org, yadvashem.org - records of his fate.

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