Friederike (Rebecca, Ricke) Berger

FatherMarcus Berger (10/06/1798 – ) 
MotherMariane Koenigsfeld (1803 – ) 
Partner Alexander Weissler (ca 1835 – )

Married 21/12/1861


JRI-Poland, Pless record.


Nanny Weissler (13/12/1863 – 24/01/1942)


Nanny's death record names her parents as Alexander and Friederike geb. Retzer; the death record also gives Nanny's date of birth as 13/12/1863. JRI-Poland has a records of Nanny's birth on this date to Alexander Weissler and Rebecca Berger. Friderike is a common German cognate for the Hebrew Rebecca; Retzer may be a mis-transcription of Berger.

Other children: Heinrich b. 02/02/1862, Salomon b. 13/05/1866 and Marcus Simon b. 06/12/1872.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - record of her death giving her date and place of birth and parents;
JRI-Poland; - Pless family records.

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